The “heart & soul” of printing

Since 1986, Tecno5 designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of machines specialized in high precision screen-printing on all kinds of glass containers: from the classic table glass to the most sophisticated spirit and cosmetic bottles.

In 2016 Tecno5 has become an affiliate division of Cerve Group, further strengthening the inter-group synergies.

Tecno5 products catalogue range from basic semi-automatic unit to fully automatic machines servo-controlled and also include the supply of  ancillary equipment and accessories, such as lehr’s loaders, feeding tables, ink heating system, transfer conveyors, UV systems and many others.

Tecno5 screen printing machines are fruit of vast experience, in both machine engineering and decorating technic, thanks to the direct and continuous feed-back received from Cerve printing production lines. The successful business story of Tecno5 is founded on the customer’s care policy: from the analysis users’ needs to the design and building of customized solutions. The numerous automatic and semiautomatic machines offer to every single user the possibility to print on most of the glass shapes through various ways and colors.

Tecno5 is oriented towards customer satisfaction and proud of its reputation for the quality of technical service that provides. It combines the continuous research and the use of the most advanced technologies with the engineering know-how of the highly qualified personnel.