CN5 model is an automatic machine full CNC, equipped with the latest “5 AXIS PROFILE” motion system. and currently represents the top of the line of our product range. Each printing station can count on 5 servo-controlled axis, in order to allow printing on surfaces with geometrically developable profiles. A 6th axis can be also installed for printing on flat surfaces along the main axis of the object.

The system controls the following axis:

1. Rotation of the object
2. Vertical movement of the object
3. Linear movement of the screen along the print development
4. Linear movement of the squeegee parallel to the screen (transversal direction)
5. Vertical movement of the squeegee
6. Independent linear movement of the squeegee along the main axis of the object (longitudinal direction)

The CN5 is a flexible machine that can be equipped according to customized configurations. Its working stations can be equipped with printing heads, UV lamps, optical/vision systems for object pre-positioning and quality control purposes.

The CN-5 model is available in 3 versions:

  • CN5-8 suitable to print up to 6 colors thermo or 3 colors UV
  • CN5-10 suitable to print up to 8 colors thermo or 4 colors UV
  • CN5-12 suitable to print up to 10 colors thermo or 5 colors UV