RX SERIES currently represents the most demanded machines of our product range. In the RX SERIES the printing is realized by the synchronized movements of 2 axis.  Object rotation and screen movement are obtained by independent brushless motors with the following relevant advantages:

  • independent printing stroke on each station
  • even more precise printing, due to electronically defined length of the decoration
  • Internet remote assistance
  • dramatic reduction in  job-change time due to unlimitated menu for saving job’s parameters
  • simplified maintenance operation and long term precision performance due to the replacement of mechanical devices with electronical ones and to the simplification of the remaining mechanical movements
  • fine adjustment of screens height and squeegees pressure made by electronic motors
  • possibility to orientate the items while unloading for eventual after printing processes such as visual quality control

RX is a very flexible machine that can be equipped according to customized configurations. Its working stations can be equipped with Printing heads, UV lamps, optical/vision systems for object pre-positioning and quality control purposes. RX is also pre-arranged for the installation of stations for conical, flat and elliptical printing

RX model is available in 4 versions:

  • RX8  suitable to print  up to 6 colours thermo or 3 colors UV
  • RX10 suitable to print  up to 8 colors thermo or 4 colors UV
  • RX12 suitable to print  up to 10 colors thermo or 5 colors UV
  • RX17 suitable to print  up to 7 colors thermo and 7 colors UV