RC697 is a 6 colours automatic machine targeted to those customers specialized in tableware decoration.
The printing cycle, based on the indexing motion system and the over-dimensioned, reliable mechanisms, makes these machines suitable for continuous operation and a long trouble free operational life.

The mechanical link and synchronization between the translation of the screen and the rotation of the item is obtained by racks and gears system, combining productivity, simplicity of operation and maintenance.
PLC unit with full colors touch-screen panel is installed on the main control board separated from the machine frame while independent machine controls are applied at each printing station.

The fast job-change system with pre-setting bench allows a great reduction of the machine set-up time.
The machine is equipped with hydraulic lifting system and its wide range of accessories includes device for printing on handle-wares (such as mugs, cups, jars) and countersinking system to firmly hold the wares all along the printing cycle, allowing high precision in colour-to-colour registration.

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