LT02 compact, effective linear excellence.

Having been forever faithful to the rotary concept for direct screen printing machinery, TECNO5 is about to address current market issues/demands with a compact linear all-purpose offering. Commissioned by parent company CERVE S.p.A, this machine concept will aid and fit into diverse productive set-ups.

Targeted mainly at high-end, niche market sampling and launches, the LT will also be of great help to specialized decorators running many small but diverse lots and requiring prompt, rapid job changes with swift production speed. Processing is optimized by means of synchronized movements from loading to processing to unloading. As article one is being processed, article two is loaded; as article one is unloaded, article two is processed and so on.

This highly flexible servo motor driven CNC machine offers a sole base cup to allow contour printing of up to two colours on many shapes of object. Depending on the market to be addressed, its bespoke design can accommodate varying features such as screen tilting for conical articles, Camera for object pre-positioning, UV lamp, labeling or heat transfer application tool,  It can be used as a stand-alone Printing machine or as an interface to  subsequent processes such as hot stamping.

LT model is available in 1 version:

  • LT02 suitable to print up to 2 colours thermo and UV